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August 3rd, 2020

How Psychotherapy can help.


Learn about now psychotherapy can help you. Our team of trained mental health professionals can provide assistance for short-term challenges or long-term ongoing mental health concerns.


You will be invited to notice what is coming up for you.  This could be thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, images, dreams – and to get curious. This form of mindfulness enables a subtle, yet powerful shift in perspective.  Which can help you make clearer choices, express more of yourself, handle everyday stresses, cope with anxiety, and make meaningful connections.


When you are accepted without judgement it becomes easier to make room for aspects of yourself. Including aspects that you typically push aside or reject.


Clients report more willingness to open up to vulnerable emotions.  As opposed to being reactive or seeking distraction through addictions or hurtful behaviours.


Creativity is something we all have and can enrich our lives with. Unblocking our stuck places involves addressing the old beliefs or burdens of childlike and vulnerable parts of us. This can create pain and take a lot of energy. Once released, this energy can be used for playing and being – key aspects of creativity.


As you build rapport and safety with your therapist, you may feel a growing sense of being in this together. Starting therapy allows you to be heard and understood by another feeling more energized and alive. This energy can be cultivated within, as you direct compassion toward yourself, and brought to your relationships to enhance intimacy or deepen bonds.

Working with a Psychotherapist

Each Psychotherapist is passionate about these ways of interacting and connecting. The common goal is to help people overcome personal struggles and to help them learn and grow.  

Common reasons to seek counselling could be: 

  • support dealing with anxiety and depression
  • navigating difficult relationships
  • strategies on overcoming personal hurdles
  • support for fears
  • support on recovering from trauma and abuse
  • learning to set healthy boundaries
  • how to build stronger attachment bonds with children
  • parenting support and strategies
  • grief counselling
  • making sense of one’s identity
  • support for major changes and life transitions
  • marital conflicts

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