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Individual Counselling

Psychotherapy is a safe and confidential space where we can talk about your thoughts and feelings. It’s also an opportunity to work together to develop new skills.  Working with a therapist can help with immediate relief of stressors or ongoing for deeper understanding of behaviours and implementing strategies.

Our counselling services in Toronto can help find ways to ease pain and suffering, and increase satisfaction, meaning, and connection in your life.

Couples Counselling

Couples therapy can help you identify and understand the dynamics that create conflict and unhappiness in your relationship.   Your therapist will explore the unique nature of your relationship and focus on helping each partner develop a better understanding and communicate more effectively.

Family Therapy

Family therapy provides support for a variety of family dynamics. Either by working with the family collectively, supporting a particular family member, or by offering parenting counselling.

This type of therapy aims to develop healthier ways of interacting with each other and solving problems while strengthening the relationship within the family unit.

Children and Youth

Our trained therapists address a variety of concerns with children and youth.  Including support for behaviour challenges, anxiety, depression, family conflict, attention/focus, phobias, life transitions, trauma, and support during divorce.

We offer therapy for children aged 4 years old and up.

Parent Counselling

Parent therapy offers parents insight and knowledge of their child’s developmental stage, understanding of their needs, and strategies to overcome challenges and difficult behaviours.

Are therapy fees covered by OHIP or insurance?

Many extended health insurance policies provide coverage for Psychotherapy, provided by either a Registered Psychotherapist or Registered Social Worker. For specific coverage, check your individual policy to confirm details of coverage. In Ontario, OHIP does not cover psychotherapy services.

Sliding Scale / Student Rates

Some of our therapists have available a limited amount of sliding-scale spots within their practice.  This is based on individual needs for unemployed and underemployed persons.  We also offer therapy provided by a Student Therapist for a reduced fee.

Our Team

Our extensive mental health team consists of Registered Social Workers and Registered Psychotherapists each providing psychotherapy.  Learn more about our individual therapists today.

Psychotherapy FAQs

We provide therapy/counselling for individuals, couples, teens, and children. Our team of therapists includes both male and female therapists fully trained and licensed as either a Registered Psychotherapist or a Registered Social Worker. Our team of Therapists have experience and/or additional training in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy, and Internal Family Systems.

CBT is a type of therapeutic approach that works to address your concern by problem-solving and changing one’s behaviour and thinking. Its premise is our thoughts control our emotions. CBT is especially beneficial for those with sleep issues, anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and more.

Narrative Therapy uses one strengths rather than focusing on their weaknesses. This client-centred approach works to separate the person from their problem and guide them to externalize their issues and guide them through difficult times. Narrative Therapy is beneficial for adults and children.

Mindfulness is a practice on learning how to be present, or be “in the moment”. Mindfulness teaches us to recognize and enjoy the positive in our lives and manage difficulties with more resilience. By focussing on your breath, Mindfulness Meditation teaches you how to stay in the moment, allowing for a more mindful way of life. Regular practice of meditation can teach you how to actively listen, to respond instead of react, to let go of judgment and to let go of expectations of perfection.

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