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March 22nd, 2020

How to Support Small Businesses


Its been about a week since things really got real here in Toronto with news of how the Coronavirus was impacting lives.

All service-based businesses working directly with the public were encouraged to close. The health and well-being of our patients, colleagues, and community is important to us. It is our responsibility to assist in “flattening the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic and protecting those most vulnerable. It was necessary for us to close our doors.

The reality of what we hoped was going to be a short couple of weeks of disruption will likely be much longer. This disruption could be devastating to a small business. Our lovely neighbourhood-based clinic is composed of a team of self-employed individuals, all supporting their own independent business.

Thank you to those who have reached out expressing interest on how to support the clinic and their favourite practitioner! We truly appreciate the support and know we have the best clients around!

Here are a list of ways you can help support your favourite small business! As well as, some tips on supporting us too!

Show Some love!

  • Leaving a review or sending a warm note shows you’re thinking about them. Also, during this time leaving a warm review gains exposure allowing for new business once they re-open. Reviews can be left on Google business listings, yelp, facebook, etc.

Purchase Local Whenever Possible

  • Purchase local whenever possible. When many of the big box stores are out of toliet paper you’ll likely find some at the corner store, or one of the smaller independent grocers. Our vibrant Bloor West Village neighbourhood has a number of produce markets, flower shops, gift stores, etc. Restaurants are currently closed for eat-in dining, but many have transitioned to offering take-out.

Gift Cards

  • Consider purchasing a gift card for your favourite small business. This provides some revenue during a time when there are no other sources of income.

Virtual Appointments

  • Many service-based business models are having the adapt their clienteles current needs into a virtual platform. Local yoga, pilates, fitness studios, etc. are able to continue their group classes from the comfort of your own home. Within our own team of professionals, we’re currently implementing virtual appointment options. Included will be our team of psychotherapists, and TCM practitioner. As well as, acute care and ongoing care virtual consults with our Chiropractors and Registered Massage Therapists.

Retail Products at Ohana Wellness Clinic

  • Did you know our clinic has skincare and rehab supplies for sale?
  • We are proud supporters of The Matter Company, a locally made, natural skincare line, including specialty products for mom and baby. Purchasing Matter Company products are a double win! You’re supporting TWO local businesses!
  • Looking for a foam roller, massage ball, muscle cream, ice pack, or hand weights? We’ve got you covered for that too! Check out our retail page for item descriptions.
  • Curb delivery provided for those living in Bloor West, and The Junction. Email us at or call (416) 820 8588 to place your order.

Like many of you, we can’t wait for all of this virus talk to be a thing of the past. We wish our clients, and community safety, and good health. We look forward to when we can see each other (in-person) again!

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