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April 8th, 2021

Massage for C-Section Scar


Cesarean Sections are a surgical operation resulting in an incision similar to many other types of surgeries. The full healing process can take upwards to months allowing for the muscles, fascia, and skin to slowly mend back together. If there are no complications, most women receive the green light from their doctors at their 6-week check-up to start massage on their scar.

The body’s innate ability to repair itself from surgery or an injury is to form scar tissue. Scar tissue is formed in a haphazard fashion to account for greater structural support. Its high content of connective tissue makes it stronger but less flexible than say muscle tissue.

What are the benefits of c-section scar massage?

  • decrease localized pain.
  • breaks up adhesions within the scar and surrounding soft tissues.
  • reduces any restriction with the organs.
  • assists in muscle recruitment in your core muscles.
  • reduces the appearance of your scar, by lessening its size, as well as helping it to fade.

As a Massage Therapist our aim is to allow the scar tissue to properly function and limit any underlying restrictions. If left alone, scar tissue can become quite taut, restrictive and immobile. If left alone, it can potentially create problems down the road, such as low back pain. Massage is beneficial during the healing process but can also be done months or even years afterwards.

What is a scar tissue massage like?

  • Scar massage techniques address scar fiber directions, such as working cross-fiber, longitudinal, circular, or vertical.
  • superficial layers are addressed first and then gradually working deeper.
  • start with warming the tissues first. Ideally having a warm shower first.

In addition to receiving Massage for your c-section scar, your RMT will also provide homecare directions for you to massage your scar at home too.

Is massage on your c-section scar painful?

Depending on your stage of healing and recovery you might experience difference sensations. Its important to communicate with your RMT if it feels painful. Often areas that are particularly dense or restricted will feel more uncomfortable. These sensations may feel like a pulling or slight burning sensation. Many women report feeling ease of movement. A happy side effect can be a positive influence on your digestion. Receiving massage on your abdomen will help with constipation, bloating, and indigestion.

When massaging your scar at home, its important to remember to massage only once the scar has fully closed. Ask your doctor if you’re not sure.

Who provides massage for c-sections at Ohana Wellness Clinic?

Each of our RMT’s have experience working on scars, as well as our Chiropractor Dr. Natalie Leib using Graston technique. Also included are our team of Registered Acupuncturists that provide cupping to assist in scar healing and mobility.

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