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July 7th, 2020

Parenting Showdowns?

Child Therapy

Are you finding yourself constantly having parenting showdowns with your child? Endless power struggles? Whether it’s parenting throughout a global pandemic or during the best of times, being in conflict with your child is tough.

Parents are being tested more than ever these days. Family tension is elevated as expectations are high. Many parents are working to maintain careers while providing full-time care and attention to children at home. Children are experiencing a range of emotions that can be difficult for them to process and understand. Diminished social stimulation from not being able to see friends and/or participating in group activities can present itself with new or exaggerated negative behaviours.

Summer is upon us, but missing is the end-of-school excitement and graduating ceremonies for those finishing elementary and secondary school. Kids are also missing their anticipated summer camps, family reunions, and weekends to amusement parks. While big family adventures are put on hold, and birthdays are held virtually, families are looking for new local creative outlets for fun summer celebrations and outings.

Its difficult for young children to understand and process these “new normals” posing new and unique challenges within the parenting relationship. New behaviours are witnessed or existing ones are amplified.

Family Therapy

Find out how working with a Registered Social Worker can help your parenthood challenges, including parenting showdowns. Family therapy can be helpful in a number of situations. Learn more about our Therapists who have experience supporting children, teens, and families. Book a Free Meet & Greet appointment or email

Shannon Burton, Registered Social Worker works solely with children, youth, and parents. Her years of experience working within the school board has brought a unique perspective on many child behaviours. Both experienced in the classroom setting and at home. Shannon provides support for parents looking for guidance and strategies when dealing with parenting challenges and difficult behaviours.

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