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Loen Hansford

Loen Hansford

Massage Therapist

Loen utilizes a variety of techniques in her treatments to match the goals and needs of each client, to balance therapeutic and relaxation massage techniques. Loen’s techniques include general Swedish massage, joint mobilizations, manual lymphatic drainage, and patient education and homecare support.

From early childhood, Loen Hansford developed a love of science and keen interest in how the body functions in response to environmental conditions.

Loen Hansford, RMT holds a PhD in Medicine from the University of New South Wales, Australia. After a long career in patient-oriented medical research and communications, she re-tooled her skills to become a massage therapist. Massage therapy allows Loen to follow her patient-oriented career focus and bring the benefits of massage therapy to others. She is a graduate of Kikkawa College.

Loen is passionate about education. Both for herself and the patients she works with. She works hard to develop her existing skills and develop new skills that will positively impact her patients. Loen is a highly skilled observer and rapidly assimilates verbal, non-verbal, and observational cues to tailor treatment to the complaint at hand.

Loen is a classically trained singer. Although she no longer sings, Loen has a keen interest in working with people who sing or speak for a living. Including those who experience pain, discomfort, and exhaustion when vocalizing. Loen is currently working to broaden her education in this area.

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