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March 1st, 2021

Therapeutic Massage Therapy


What is therapeutic massage?

The purpose of a Therapeutic Massage Therapy is to assist in the rehabilitation and recovery of an injury or postural dysfunction. A therapeutic massage is often associated with a deep tissue massage.

Massage Therapy Scope of Practice

“The practice of Massage Therapy is the assessment of the soft tissue and joints of the body and the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissue and joints by manipulation to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function, or relieve pain.”
Massage Therapy Act, 1991

Does a therapeutic massage have to hurt?

No, a massage treatment should never be painful. There are times where a particularly tense area can be sore, or a an inflamed area can be tender. Your RMT will check-in with your periodically to ensure your comfort level. Given that pressure is often quite subjective, it can be perceived differently between individuals. A massage treatment can still be relaxing while having a therapeutic goal. Don’t hesitate to speak up during your treatment if you prefer more pressure or less.

Does a deep tissue massage require deep pressure?

This is a common myth that in order to feel a deep tissue massage that it must hurt. It’s quite possible to access deeper tissues, without feeling painful. A skilled RMT will address the superficial layers first and then comfortably sink or melt to access deeper tissues. If you’ve ever wondered why your RMT may start using what feels like light pressure first, addressing those superficial tissue layers first is key to accessing the deeper ones comfortably.

What does Massage Therapy treat?

  • musculoskeletal injuries and pain
  • stress-related tension
  • muscle strain and joint sprain
  • tendinitis / tendinosis
  • bursitis
  • headaches and migraines
  • postural dysfunction
  • and more!

How does a Therapeutic Massage work?

Therapeutic Massage Therapy has an effect physically as well as psychologically on the body. Massage treatments reduce fascial restrictions and adhesions, while decreasing muscle tension. Massage positively affects the vascular, lymphatic systems and neurological systems. Increasing localized and systemic blood circulation also includes lymphatic circulation resulting in boosting immunity. Psychologically a massage can heighten well-being, relieve stress, decrease anxiety, and promote improved sleep.

What types of Massage is available at Ohana Wellness Clinic?

Our team of RMT’s are passionate about achieving your goals. Whether it is acute back pain, a stubborn injury, postural dysfunction, or stress relief. We take pride in getting to know our patients and understanding their needs, preferences and treatment goals. We’re happy providing deep tissue massage, lighter pressure, and anywhere somewhere in-between. We describe our massage treatments to be therapeutic in nature with a foundation in Swedish Massage. Many of our RMT’s have additional training in myofascial techniques, cupping, craniosacral therapy. Along with post-graduate courses for specific treatments including TMJ Dysfunction, prenatal massage, postpartum massage, complex shoulder injuries, low back conditions, and more. An initial appointment includes a health intake, treatment, recommendations for homecare, and a treatment plan. Rest assured you’re in good hands.

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