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November 14th, 2021

Preserving your relationship during COVID.


This Valentines Day will certainly be unique. This is a year that has pushed us all to our limits.  Many individuals are finding themselves working from home.  What was once thought to be a temporary state of affairs, has now been one very long year.  You and your partner may be spending more time with each other than ever before. Learn how you can preserve your relationship during COVID.

Showing our partner love in these unprecedented times can take shape in many different ways.

  1. Creating a dedicated time to be together in your schedules, and connect is important for maintaining a healthy connection.  Allow this time to be mindfully present to your partner – disconnect from your electronics and give your partner your undivided attention. Taking time to do a date night, is a wonderful way to show your partner you care.  Whether you go out for a walk to your local coffee shop, or a quiet movie night at home, what is important is the time spent together.
  2. Many of us have created a work from home space in our living rooms, or basements.  Communicating about how you’d like your work hours to be respected, and in turn listening to what your partner needs to have a productive day is vital to creating healthy boundaries.  Have a system in place for communicating throughout the day, in a way that doesn’t intrude in your partners space is key.  This could include separate work-from-home spaces.
  3. Tell your partner what it is you appreciate about him/her.  Not only the qualities you appreciate, but also their actions.  “I appreciate your compassion and generosity, as well as your commitment to sharing household chores.”  Positives go a long way to build a strong, kind and healthy bond.  Making a conscious decision to bring positivity to each other can be healing and powerful.   
  4. Fulfilling your needs first. There is no chance that we can be the partner our significant other needs if you’ve neglected your own needs.  Remember to love yourself, and take care of yourself.  Be aware when you feel tired, or angry. Communicate this with your partner, before you take your frustrations out on each other.  Ask for space when you need it, and respect when your partner needs space from you. Try not to take this personally.  You can’t pour from an empty cup.

When to seek the help of a professional.

Experiencing heightened levels of stress can place strain on a relationship. A couple that is having difficulties overcoming a stressful period can benefit by having a trained individual act as a non-biased person to assist them working through their challenges. Many of our counsellors are trained in couples counselling applicable for all types of partnerships, new and old. Learn more about Couples Therapy [HERE].

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